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Block Parents Logo 02    Rotary Club of Stratford

The Stratford Block Parent Program is operated by the Rotary Club of Stratford and exists in partnership with the Stratford Police Service.

The Stratford Plock Parent Program serves the people of Stratford by creating a network of safe houses and businesses for people of all ages to go to in times of distress.

Father and Daughter


Ryan Erb, Chair
The United Centre,
32 Erie St. West,
Stratford, ON,
N5A 2M4


To date we have had some great success with encouraging both residential and businesses to become Block Parents, an important part of a safe and caring community, and we hope to continue building the number of participating households and businesses.

The familiar red and white Block Parent sign is a symbol that indicates a caring adult is available to help, should the need arise. The sign was first seen in windows in London, Ontario in 1968, where the Program began.