Becoming a Business Block Parent

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A safe community
begins with YOU.

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Become a
Block Parent


The Business Block Parent Program was designed so that small businesses, such as yours, could offer safe havens for citizens in communities which are presently unprotected or poorly covered by single-family residences displaying the traditional Block Parent window sign. Children going to and from school and passing by, will soon recognize your business as a safe location, where they can find assistance if needed, in an emergency situation. Other citizens may seek refuge during severe weather conditions, for medical assistance, car breakdowns, etc. because you are participating in a worthwhile community safety program and crime prevention program – Block Parent. Your presence in the community is very important. Block Parent volunteers teach children in school programs that they can count on receiving assistance from safe individuals in locations displaying the Block Parent sign or decal. You and your employees provide them with a much needed sense of security.

For more information about becoming a Business Block Parent, email Philip Schroeder:


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