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Block Parent Poster - Children's faces

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Block Parent®


The Mission of the Stratford Block Parent Program is to provide a network of Safe Homes and Businesses for children and other members of the community to turn to in times of need, and to offer supportive Community Education Programs.

This simple act can help any child, a person with a disability, or a senior in distress.

The Rotary Club of Stratford is a proud supporter and administrator of the Stratford Block Parent Program in partnership with the Stratford Police Service.

A Block Parent is an adult volunteer who has been Police and Block Parent screened, has been oriented, and who has received a registered Block Parent Sign.  For more information, please call 519-271-7730.

  • The Block Parent sign is placed in a front facing window of the Block Parent home.
  • The sign indicates that an adult is available to answer the door to a child, or any community member, who needs assistance.
  • The Block Parent can offer assistance by calling a parent, family member or emergency service.
  • The Block Parent sign shows the community that a caring adult is available, that children are encouraged to visit the Block Parent home if they need assistance, and acts as a deterrent to possible crime in the neighbourhood.

It is easy to participate!

For more information, please call Ryan Erb, Block Parent Committee Chair, at United Way Perth-Huron – 519-271-7730.